that time I travelled alone.


It’s almost been a full year since I wrote on this blog and about 3 months since I wrote on the other one.

2015 was a pretty tough year.

Due to a lot of external pressures, I felt like I lost a lot of my soul last year.

I was stressed, worn out and didn’t really feel myself.

Some days I didn’t even want to get up in the morning.

So, I decided to do something for myself at the start of 2016.  I planned a holiday just for me; a time for replenishment and reflection; a time to refresh my soul.

A lot of people told me I was very brave to go on a trip by myself.  Won’t you get bored?  

It made sense to me.  I knew I was an introvert and in order to recharge I need to have alone time.  It was going to be great.

The day arrive and as I left the familiar to relax on the Gold Coast.  No real agenda except to spend time in prayer, read, swim and get my affairs in order.

The funniest thing was that once I checked into my hotel room and put my bags down, the reality of a week all by myself suddenly sunk in.  I felt so…. alone.  And I didn’t like it as much as I thought.

Though I was hoping to keep off social media that week, the lack of human interaction and meaningful conversation made it difficult!  Having said that, once I settled down and put a plan down on paper (still a lawyer by training – there should always be a plan), the week went faster than it started.

One of the books I took with me was called, Time Poor, Soul Rich by Anne Winkel.


I had bought the book a while ago but being so time poor I had not had time to read it!

Until that holiday.  I’m glad I did because it gave me some great ideas how I could avoid the almost-burn-out that took place towards the end of 2015.

In summary, the book covered a number of different areas in our lives that suffer when we are time poor i.e. our engagement with the world and people around us, engaging with our internal selves etc. The book is targeted at professional women but in reality, I think this book is not restricted to gender or whether or not you are work in a professional capacity.  No one is immune to the effects of busy-ness and it is often when we are time poor that we neglect the thing that keeps us running.

I had taken notes of the ideas suggested in the book that I wanted to take on board and as my list grew, I wanted a to put them in place where I could all go back to refer to them.  This led me to construct a new 101 in 1001 days project list.  I had done one of these back in my uni years alongside my blogging friend, mookxi but I never quite finished mine.  And in a way I don’t mind if I don’t fully complete this list in the set time frame but it will give me some goals to work towards that will keep my soul rich in this next season.

I asked someone prior to New Year’s Eve what their resolution was and the response was just do everything the same but better.  I guess that’s a good goal and in a way, we should always be striving to be better and for excellence but I think if we don’t specify the goals and give ourselves a framework and a timeline to work within and towards, we may find that we have not made any progress at all.

Two quotes come to mind.



As a result of post, I’ve started a few goals and completed number 2.

Not a bad start.

Question: What’s one specific goal you want to accomplish in 2016?


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