kicking goals

So the 101 in 1001 list has been sitting there for a bit over a month now so it’s time for a progress report…

8. Order/buy a book I have read and give it away to someone – 10 Feb 2016

87. Read 10 new books [2/10]


I came across The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership by Jenni Catron via the Propel Women mailing list.  They began their first ever book club towards the end of 2015 and of course being a lover of “firsts”, I wanted in too.  However,  even though I signed up to pre-order the book prior to its release, I didn’t really have time to read it until I was in Queensland in January 2016.

I must say that it was one of those books where I wanted to highlight every second paragraph.  It was packed with a lot of practical examples and real life experiences to demonstrate how effective leaders should be aware of leading with your HEART, SOUL, MIND and STRENGTH.

I’ve mentioned this book in conversation a number of times since reading it and I thought it would be a good one to pass on to some key leaders I know in my life.

23. Buy some cards/writing paper, envelope and stamps (for Task 23) – Jan 2016


I definitely am a fan of the handwritten card or note.  Personalised snail mail are one of my favourite things so when I saw these on sale at Koorong, I thought they would be good stationary to get tucked into for future handwritten letters.

50. Fast and pray for 21 days around a particular prayer point – Jan 2016

daniel fast 2016

My family had participated in an annual fast at the start of the year for the last few years so it was with great expectation and excitement that we were able to enter into a period of prayer and fasting with our church this year.  I chose to go on a Daniel Fast which meant no meat and no sweets.  It was tough but from past experience, I knew that temptation would be up front and centre from the get-go so I was on my guide.  Side-story, on Day 1, I was in Box Hill and I walked past a cake store that was giving out free samples ^^’.  Stayed strong, resisted :D.

We have had amazing testimonies come out of this 21 day fast with miracles of healing, new jobs and also breakthrough in the little things as well.

To learn more about fasting and the different types of fasts, the purpose of fasting, I would recommend the resources from Jentezen Franklin’s ministry.

77. Go to the Australian Open – 22 January 2016



We were blessed with some amazing seats!  Usually Margaret Court will have some less well-known players however, as it was our first ticketed Australian Open match, we thought we would give it a go at a lower price bracket rather than pay the premium of Rod Laver Court tickets.  Imagine our surprise when we found out we got to watch the world No. 1 play!!


It was quite a one sided match with Novak winning quite effortlessly but still there were some good points and I can understand why people like to watch it live – the atmosphere is quite electric!

A couple other goals are kicking along but that’s it for now.



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