I’m a fan of acronyms and will most likely use them often when I’m blogging so here is a growing guide to what means what/who (I also have a tendency to type really long sentences without any punctuation just because I can):

BFF: Best Friend Forever a.k.a. the girl I met all the way back during Orientation in 1st year uni and we’ve never looked back ;).  I’ve never called her BFF in person and would almost be embarrassed to say it to her face, but if you asked me who she was to me, that pretty much sums it up.  A story for another time.

IMO: In My Opinion

FFL: Friend For Life… again a story for another time.

FWIW: For What It’s Worth

FYI: For Your Information

PtL: Praise the Lord

Sis: pretty basic… we call each other sisters coz we are (but not biologically haha).

TGoG: The Grace of God :)