better things ahead

So I said to myself at the start of the year that this would be the year that I would get back on the blogging wagon. This was the year I’d be kicking goals with self-care and ticking things off the 101 in 1001 list.

However, somehow in the midst of trying to balance the usual commitments plus wedding planning and setting up our soon-to-be new home, what felt like non-essentials fell by the wayside. My new love for lettering has also wained due to just lack of energy, inspiration and motivation.

However, having a rare night to myself and my thoughts, it occurred to me that yesterday was my first year anniversary at my no-longer-new work place.

On 4 April 2016, after a decent “funemployment” spell, I rocked up to the city office of my new firm and discovered I had turned up at the wrong office! Safe to say, I’ve had a lot of learning and growth opportunities since then. I’ve been pushed out my comfort zone and realised my wings do work after all. I’ve found a quiet confidence in my own ability and potential. I’ve felt valued and part of something worth building. I should note that nothing from this last 365 (now 366) days discounts what happened the days/years proceeding it. If anything, the past is essential as it sets us up to what lies ahead.

But sometimes it’s only in hindsight that we see what C.S. Lewis observed:

CS Lewis Quote Far Better Things Ahead

There’s an element of faith and trust in that statement. Even if we don’t see the “better things” yet we have got to believe it is out there in order to make the first move.

Last year, I made the first move so that I can now tick goal 71 off the list.

Q1: What’s the “better things” ahead that you are believing for?

Q2: What’s the first move you need to make to get closer to the “better things”?


Featured Image – Photo of sunset on St Kilda Road, 25 March 2017 (taken on iPhone 6s)

Belated Birth-Month Results

Oh wow, it’s already been 2 months since I last blogged… I was trying to keep to at least one post a month but the last month has been a a bit of a blur.

Work has settled down and there has been a bit of movement around the traps…

Here are a few things that have happened since my last post:

  • a birthday degustation (photo above)
  • a house warming
  • meeting of old friends who introduce us to new friends
  • a dinner of homemade chicken rice
  • three Pray, Love, Care nights
  • my work stamp arrived
  • Mother’s Day
  • Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in Eastland Hoyts’ reclining chairs
  • more pilates
  • May birthday celebrations
  • 19th and 20th month mini milestones
  • first Arab wedding (lots of dancing)
  • $1 oysters
  • lots of house inspections
  • Sound of Music Musical
  • Singing in the Rain Musical
  • a bon voyage for a dear sister in Christ
  • lots of brush pen calligraphy
  • a dancing date
  • food coma from Red Spice Road
  • hot pot nights
  • a baby shower

One significant event was also the end of the Birth-Month and there was a pretty awesome result thanks to the following people: Continue reading “Belated Birth-Month Results”

Birth-Month Goals

Good morning, world!

The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind.

I finished up my #funemployment and started my new position.  It has definitely been a transition and my heart still misses my now ex-colleagues but I’m glad for the opportunity to keep developing and working towards my goals.

Another mini milestone was turning a year older last week.  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and birthday love.  It was rather low-key but there was cake :)


My wonderful bf brought over a delicious Strawberry, Vanilla & Thyme cake from Bibelot, the patisserie that houses the petits gâteaux, macarons, handcrafted bonbons, biscuits and house-made gelato from Chez Dré.  They also do made-to-order cakes such as this one :).  The description said “vanilla bavaroise, strawberry compote, thyme financier, white chocolate rice crunch” – I loved the flavours!  It was quite light, not too sweet.  Though the rice crunch bottom was a bit hard to cut through since the rest of it the layers were quite soft.  Worth looking into for a special occasion though!

Bibelot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I had a look through the blog and realised that I had not updated my profile for some time…


5 years on, I’ve graduated from law student to lawyer.  I’ve hung up my piano teaching shoes for now and started to write songs again.  But besides that, not much else has changed besides my age.

Another thing that has stuck around for more than 5 years now has been a challenge I would like to share on this blog today (this will be a bit of a long explanation but I hope you will stick with me ’til the end).

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in between chapters and TBC

It has been over a month since my last post but a lot seems to have happened since then.

One of the biggest life milestone was finishing up at the job I had been in since I graduated from university.  Though I knew it was time to let go, it did not make the parting any less emotional.  There were many tears before and after the official announcement and on my last day, the waterworks hit even before I got up to say my final farewells.

It is still slightly surreal, probably because I have not started my new job yet but I’m sure once I’m back in an office space again it will hit me afresh.

What I realised was that at the core of it, it was the people, it was the relationships that I was finding hard to let go of.  I know it is not like I’m not going to be friends with my now ex-colleagues but it is more that the relationship dynamics have shifted, we won’t see each other every weekday anymore nor share in some of the in-jokes that used to fly across the partitions.  It is that ending that I still mourn quietly in the heart.

But as one wise man once said:

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.*

And now it is time for a new chapter, a new beginning.  The old is gone, the new has come (almost).  Trying to squeeze in the last few tasks on my to-do list before I settle back into the rhythms of full-time employment.

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that time I travelled alone.


It’s almost been a full year since I wrote on this blog and about 3 months since I wrote on the other one.

2015 was a pretty tough year.

Due to a lot of external pressures, I felt like I lost a lot of my soul last year.

I was stressed, worn out and didn’t really feel myself.

Some days I didn’t even want to get up in the morning.

So, I decided to do something for myself at the start of 2016.  I planned a holiday just for me; a time for replenishment and reflection; a time to refresh my soul.

A lot of people told me I was very brave to go on a trip by myself.  Won’t you get bored?  

It made sense to me.  I knew I was an introvert and in order to recharge I need to have alone time.  It was going to be great.

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two big life events

Opps, so much for blogging regularly haha.

I only ever seem to find time to blog when there is a public holiday or I’m on an extended break… not good.

After having a quick skim through Fat Mum Slim’s blog post on blogging I recall the simple truth that if you want to do anything, you’ve got to schedule it in.  And not get distracted by shiny things (that’s my own observation – there are too many good blogs/resources out there).

Hoping to get back into a blogging rhythm in the next week or so but in the meantime, here are the two big life events that have happened since I’ve last blogged here:

1. Law Admission Ceremony


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Goodbye 2013… Hello 2014!


2013 was a massive year for a lot of people I know – there were a lot of engagements, a few marriages, new jobs, a few new bubs that came along, travel exchanges…

For me, 2013 was a year of transition and change.  Stepping away from the life rhythms of a student into the realities of working life was a lot more challenging than I anticipated and I probably had a bit too much on my plate than my introverted self could comfortably handle.

However, having had a chance to really sit back and reflect on the past 365 days, even with its ups and downs, it has been pretty awesome.  Made lots of new friends and had a whole host of new experiences.  Here are a few of my favourite moments (CLICK BELOW; as posted on Instagram):

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 4.42.42 pm

 The top two personal highlights have probably got to be securing a permanent position for 2014 at my current workplace and being a part of the “Floodgates” music project with my recording-artist-friend, Dale Hembrow (EP to be released early 2014!!).


Now with the start of a new year, I’ve been thinking about what resolutions to make.  I’m pretty big on setting goals because at the very least, even if you don’t achieve them all, it gives you a direction and a target to work towards.

Here’s a few good suggestions I’ve found over the inter webs:

I’ve also found Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life  useful in working out what to things to focus on in 2014:

ziglar's wheel of life
Balanced Life = Successful Life

Looking back, I think the goals I set for 2013 were a bit unrealistic because I didn’t really factor in how much full-time work would impact the lifestyle I’d previously been accustomed to.

So now with a little bit of life experience and a better understanding of what time I actually do have, here’s what I’ve come up with: Continue reading “Goodbye 2013… Hello 2014!”

Challenging and rewarding

So who else thought September was a busy month??

Somehow once you pass July, the days just excelerate and we find ourselves already counting down the days to Christmas (75 days as of today) and then it will be New Years soon after and in February 2014 (if there are no hiccups), guess who will be admitted as a lawyer in Victoria?? ;)

I know it’s a bit premature to be saying this given that there are still 3 months to go, but I think 2013 has been both the most challenging and most rewarding year I’ve had so far.

There’s nothing quite like saying good bye to exams for good (at least for the next little while) and starting a new chapter of life. My body has adjusted to the 9-5:30 rhythm but getting the right balance of work/rest/play is something that has to be evaluated on a regular basis.

However, one of the challenges I’ve met this year has actually occurred outside of the workplace. Continue reading “Challenging and rewarding”


*blows off dust/cobwebs*





Anyone still out there??  I just had a look and it has been over a MONTH since I last blogged here!! I think that has been the longest break I’ve taken from blogging without informing the readers about it and for that, I do apologise!  Though, it’s not like the world has stopped turning lol.  People still eat/cook/enjoy good food and do their own merry thing (well, I hope you have been!).  Still, I feel like I need to be accountable to this blogspace for my absence.

In the midst of adjusting to full-time hours and on top of all the weekly commitments I try to juggle, I’ve been frantically trying to meet some other accountability requirements.

The story really goes back a few years.  For my 21st birthday, against all the legal advice I had been given about how much it would cost and how much time it would require to maintain it over the years (what do lawyers know, right?) I decided to launched my own charitable trust – the VHAN Hope and Opportunity Fund (“Fund”).

can you guess what the colour scheme was?? :P

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How does one begin a blog post after such a long absence?  Just do it, I guess haha

What started out as just an idea, grew into a plan and soon enough a blog-free January seemed like the right thing to do.  I was starting my new job and I just wanted to rest up as much as possible before I lost my extended holidays for good.  However, if I was being real and honest to myself and to you as readers, one of the main reasons for my extended blog break was I just didn’t enjoy it very much anymore.

Perhaps it was my perfectionist tendencies to labour over each photo and edit and re-edit posts.

Perhaps I cared too much about what people thought of me when they read my blog.

Perhaps it was just the end of a massive year and I just needed time to recharge.

Perhaps it could have been a lot of other things but I recognised that blogging had started to become more of a chore for me and as selfish as it sounds, I wasn’t writing for myself anymore.  If we drill down a bit further, I was letting my blog consume and define me and it wasn’t healthy.

So blogging was left to the side and real life continued.  Adjusting to full-time work has probably been the biggest challenge lately but I am truly blessed to be working with such a great team of people who have been really supportive and helping me settle in.  Yesterday marked my first month with the firm and I can see that I am starting to feel more at home now :).

Working day in, day out has also made me realise that I need to make time to do things for myself.  Catching up with friends over lunch and dinners has been great but being an introvert, it does take a fair bit out of me and with ministry taking up most of the weekend, there’s not much left in the reserves after working from 9am-5:30pm, 5 days a week.

So I guess this is where blogging has its place.  I do miss writing and it’s something that I want to start doing again but with the right motivations.  It does mean that my writing style and frequency may change; change isn’t always a bad thing :).  CNY and eating out in the city in between and after work has also added fuel to the fire so to speak ;). Hope you’ll continue on this journey with me – if not, I wish you well and will keep writing about the things that motivate, excite and inspire me.


♥ Ames