Review: NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo

Whoa, can’t believe it’s February already!  I guess time flies when you are having fun ;).  I’ve tried a lot of new things for the first time last month, one of which was to have a make up tutorial with the make up artist herself, Mookxi ;).  Since she’s overseas at the moment she can’t go and deny the fact that she really is a pro when it comes to knowing what to paint your face with and how to do it!  I, on the other hand usually go all naturale, mainly because I’m usually running out the door with an Up-and-Go in my hand and have less than no time to bother with make up!  However, Mookxi did my make up for a Christmas function last year and in the process, she convinced me that I should start making a bit more of an effort when I go to work in a corporate environment (“It looks more professional,” she says – fair enough).

SO, we arranged that make up tutorial that I mentioned earlier and she gave me a basic formula that I can somewhat pull off in 10-15 mins every other morning :D.  One of the items she recommended to me was NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo.

Mookxi estimated that it would generally retail for $54.00 AUD (do we put the currency before or after the $ sign?) so she suggested I buy it online.  Ebay = ~ $40.00 AUD brand new including postage and of course I had to get the one with the free nail polish hehe.  Lol, now I know what you are thinking (well, I think I do!)… you are thinking, “What?!  I signed up for recipes and foodie reviews!  What’s this stuff about make up?”

WELL, as mentioned in the previous post, this isn’t strictly a food blog and though I have a backlog of food posts to write, I hope you’ll bear with me as I gush a little bit about my first make up online purchase :D. [However, you can skip to the bottom for a note about an upcoming foodie project!]

Firstly, let’s open the box:

Pretty-ful! (btw, if any future law firm recruiters see this post, I promise you I don't write like this anywhere else except on the blog!)

And open the lid (sounds like the ‘Jack in the Box’ nursery rhyme!):

The colour of the blush is called ‘Orgasm’ (hmmm…) and ‘Laguna’ for the bronzer.  When Mookxi tried it on my face the first time, I really liked how the natural flushed look the blush gave to my cheeks and the bronzer (as I’ve now learnt) helps create shadows and definition to your jaw line and cheekbones *nods knowledgeably*.

I probably should post a photo of me with the make up on but I’m currently in my PJs and have no intention of putting on make up at this time of the night! Hence, you’ll just have to trust me that it looks awesome with my skin tone :P.

I was also really pleased with the colour of the nail polish because not only does it match the blush colour, it gives a nice shine without being too obvious and bright for the workplace (not the most flattering photo of my thumb nail but this left-hander was having trouble taking a photo on the SLR with her right hand!):

I’m still of the mindset that makeup should be for special occasions/purposes rather than the norm BUT a bit of make up know-how probably is a good thing for the professional work environment :).  Give Mooki’s blog some love if you are interested in beauty products, ukulele covers and other nifty things!

♥ Ames

P.S. Check back soon for a new foodie project/initiative that I’m launching in a few days!  This idea has been bubbling away for the last few weeks… the hint: linking the love of food with the love for those in need :).  Ames over and out!

’tis the season

The year is wrapping up and that means that piano teaching is also being put on hold for the holiday season.  We had our annual ‘Purely Piano Play-out’ concert on the weekend and it was so great to see the improvement that’s taken place over the course of the year.  A number of the students have hit that point in their music education where lots of the connections have been made and they’re just flying – three students had their Book 1 Concert Set performance which was such a big achievement!  Seeing the progress of your students is the best present that any teacher could have for Christmas but these were kinda cool too:

It's too pretty to eat...

That last one is ‘Hot Chocolate in a Jar’ from the same family that put together ‘Cookie in a Jar‘.  I love the creativity, time and effort put into these eatable gifts – and they’re pretty yummy too ^^.

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You know your concentration is waining

When you spend a good ten minutes on Photo Booth trying to take the perfect photo to show how many exams you have left:

In reality, this was just to show off my amateur-ly (that is so a word!) painted PINK nails… teaching piano means I generally have to keep my nails short and free of nail polish…short: because it makes that awful clicking sound when you play with long nails and plain: nail polish is distracting for both me and the students… pretty pink!

I also got a giggle from how it looks like my fingers will snap up my head like a pair of crocodile jaws…

AH, the pink fingers are eating me!

*sigh* Other than that, I think I’ve just killed a small forest:


I now have firm and personal evidence that ‘Corporations’ are harmful for the environment.

OK, I promise this will be the last post about exams… I have since come to the epiphany that no one really likes to read about exams – students have their own exams to think about and exams are of no relevancy or interest to non-students…hmm.

One week though.   One week and I’ll be down at the beach, enjoying the sun, sand and sea… one more week… keep it up uni students! We can do it! [INSERT NAME] FIGHTING~!

Back to work…

♥ Ames

P.S. As the tweet said, ‘Prepare to smile. BIG.’ –> click here!

P.P.S. For those who’d be interested, the first Global Day Of Worship ever has started streaming!

hug it out!

Happy belated October!  I know everyone’s been saying it but seriously, this year has gone way too fast!  Thankfully the sun’s been out which equates to ‘a-very-happy-little-Ames-staring-off-into-the-distance-with-a-silly-smile-on-her-face’ every once in a while :).

There is a backlog of foodies posts but I’m behind in readings (again) so I shall refer you to this awesome post about HUGS because it’s the only thing second to sunshine on the happiness list IMO ;).  Hugs can really make a difference (unless you’re hug-o-phobic… I guess it would still make a difference but not in the positive sense) so go give someone a hug today/tonight/tomorrow/everyday!

♥ Ames


OK.  This is kinda embarrassing.  I’ve been contemplating whether or not to post about it but after some consideration, I thought, ‘What is the use of a blog if you can’t use it at times to record historical moments in one’s life??’ However, this link is still not going on Facebook or Twitter XD.

Well, you’ve heard me talk about applications for a while and I’ve been blessed to have been granted a few interviews, PtL! Hence, I thought that I would tidy up my bob with a haircut… there were mixed reviews when it comes to my decision to have the big chop at the end of last year… it was interesting to hear girl friends gush over it and guy friends seemingly indifferent or subtly indicate their preference for the longer locks haha. The boys I teach all said I looked better with long hair and the girlies at church all protested when I first got it cut… lol well, at the end of the day, it’s my hair and I needed the change and loved it :).  Anyway, I digress.

This time round, I was armed with a photo I took off GoogleImages of the type of fringe I wanted since I was unsuccessfully in communicating my desire for a fringe last time I stepped into Good Morning Hair, one of the many Korean hair salons in Box Hill.  The guy who cut my hair last time was exceptionally skilled but I just couldn’t seem to explain myself well enough… Imagine my delight when I found out that not only was my hairdresser the only Chinese working in the store but she spoke next to perfect English! Score :D.  So we had a good chat and I got to showing her the photo before she broke the bad news to me… my hair is too straight for this fringe:

Too straight??! I was shattered :(.  She gave me a glimmer of hope though (and this is where the slightly embarrassing situation comes in)… she said she could get my hair that way if I got the fringe permed… PERMED! When I think of perms, I think of (forgive me for the stereotype) little old ladies like my grandma.  She used to get her’s done every 6 months so she wouldn’t have to wash it as often… anyway, once I shook that image out of my head, I thought, ‘Why not?’ I had the time and I guess I’m always up for trying something new ;).

So yes, I got a perm. Lol, I guess it wasn’t that embarrassing to admit.  And I also got a chance to acquire some knowledge about the whole process i.e. there are two stages: the first solution is used to break down the hair structure and then the second solution is used to keep the hair in the shape that you want it to stay in.  This Korean-speaking heat machine was pretty cool too…

OK, maybe this is a bit embarrassing...

The lengthened haircut trip also gave me a chance to talk a bit longer with the hairdresser (she gave me some green tea too ^^) and it was good to learn more about hair care (e.g. I totally didn’t know you are supposed to only shampoo your scalp and only condition your hair – as opposed to conditioning your scalp as well).

So an hour and a cut later…TA-DA!

feeling a tad sheepish for asking the hairdresser to take a photo ^^'

It looks a bit uneven at the back but I think this was before she did something spiffy with the hairdryer (she was kind enough to talk me through it so that I can hopefully replicate this at home).  This photo has also made me realise that it may be time to say good-bye to my favourite tee >.<.  Anyway, the hairdresser was very good at her job as I somehow walked out with some special salon shampoo…

In my defence, I have been trying to work out how to correct the imbalance that’s been happening on my head since coming back from Perth earlier this year… I think the change in climate really messed with my hair… oh well, we’ll see how this goes.  I have to say I do like the fact that my fringe now dries perfectly without much post-wash work :).

That day, I also got a pair of work pants taken up and finally got around to getting some insoles for my flat feet…

still lovin' my spotted PJs!

Ah, the things you do for an interview haha.

ANYWAY, now that I think about it, that was a pretty random and possibly boring post.  Sorry for boring you.

Thanks for stopping by though :).

Good night!

♥ Ames

Winter Rebel and the hidden meaning of Ames

Hey August, nice to see you again!  It’s been a while hasn’t it? :D  I don’t remember you ever being this warm… especially not within the first few days!  

With the warmest start to August we’ve had in a long long time in Melb (I’ll try not to think too much of how this is probably all due to global warming), I couldn’t help but feel a tad rebellious (which probably betrays my upbringing haha) when I started the week by walking out the door in sandals, a tee and a skirt sans tights (scandalous, right?):

sunshine-deprived feet waiting at the bus stop

Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun – oh, how I love you! *happy sigh* And if I could walk around in sandals each and everyday I would be so content :).

Things are bubbling away and there’s so much I wish I had time to write about but there is one thing that I have to acknowledge: the hidden meaning of Ames.  Not this Ames though, but Ames over at My Infernal Journal.  She’s full of  ‘AwesoMenEsS‘ because not only is she ridiculously creative with her words and story-telling, she’s a beautiful person inside and out AND she gives away awesome prizes!! Remember how I won my first ever blog competition?  A package was waiting for me at the door this week… I couldn’t contain my excitement when I found out it was all the way from the US and opened it… *drum roll* Continue reading “Winter Rebel and the hidden meaning of Ames”

say what??

At the moment my face looks like this:

‘Why Ames?’

Just take a look on this page and this page and see if you can work it out… my face is still very much stuck in that position right now… WHOA and PtL!!!

In other but related news, I think the nervous energy before RunMelbourne (which caused me to wake up at 6am on the day) has reset my body clock…I’ve generally always been a bit of a morning person (the kind that’s up before the sun) but since Winter set in, I’ve been more inclined to sleep those few extra moments that can be spared = being late to work all of last week.  Post-RunMelbourne though, I’ve been there mostly before or at least close to 9am nearly everyday! Woot!  However, I’ve also been staying up pretty late as well (hence this late night show!) so I’m not exactly sure how that works… hmmm.  Oh well, it’ll put me in good stead when uni starts again next week…ah, uni.   The holiday has really just flown past! But having said that, I look back on the last 5 weeks and I can honestly say it has been one productive and replenishing break from studying (well, full-time studying since I did do a Winter subject somewhere in there lols).

On the other hand, working the last 9 consecutive weekdays has once again helped me appreciate the uni student lifestyle and it’s been a reminder to really make the most of it while I can.  Hence, after some insightful discussion and prayer, I made the decision to drop one of my subjects this semester.  Did the calculations and the results were that 4 subjects + 1 internship paper + applying for clerkships may not be as sustainable or achievable (let alone mentally healthy) as I had first thought.  Plus I do want to have some sort of life as well :P.

I’m not really sure where this blog post is going so I’ll throw in a photo or two (this seems to be my default when I don’t know how to keep a post from becoming a train wreak!):

‘…errr, why do you have a photos of nails?’

Good question :P.  Having played piano from a very young age, I’ve always kept my nails short to prevent the clicking sound you hear when students don’t cut their nails! SO, when there is a window of opportunity i.e. I’m on holidays from teaching and I’m not scheduled to play piano anywhere, I let them grow… and grow… and grow… until they get annoying.  After a while, things get stuck under your nails, you get them caught in things, you unintentionally scratch yourself etc.  I did try to see how long I could grow them out to but sadly the kiddies are back to school this week hence back to piano teaching hence chop chop chop!

RAMEN!! After Ms I-Hua put the idea of ramen in my head, I had to go and hunt down a bowl of the yummy goodness… thankfully, I had a date with the NaiveChild the next day and since she is a big ramen fan herself, no complaints when I suggested Ramen Ya for lunch ^^.  I should do a separate review of the place some time (when I find the time lol!).

Speaking of food (how can a post go without another mention of food??), our work team went to China Red today (my first time there!).  Food was served quickly and it wasn’t bad in terms of taste BUT the big let down was the fact that our touch screen wasn’t working, service was a bit, for lack of a better word, ‘crappy’ and it was a bit on the expensive side… there are many other dumpling places that can do much better, at least on the price.  I sadly didn’t anticipate that we would be coming here so was camera-less and I was also a bit too shy to ask if I could snap pics on my iPhone ^^’.

Anyways, I think that fills out my word quota for the day… another long day on the other side of sleep! Ciao xo

♥ Ames

P.S. Please go to Blogger Idol and vote for my blog buddy, Chess who just got into the competition as a wildcard! Go Chess!!  Behind you 110% :D.