How to catch pippies the Asian way

Destination: Venus Bay, Victoria, Australia.

Step 1: Have a hearty breakfast at your local Noodle Shop.

Number 13 at Phu Linh (Mi Kho Cha Tom Chien = fried bean curd paper prawns & dried noodles)

¬†Extra point: If you visit Phu Linh a day after new years, they give out complimentary sweet soup (I know that’s not what you call it but this is the best direct translation I could make!):

a combination of grass jelly, 'tadpole eggs' (not really) and other chewy substances...

Step 2: Buy some snacks for the road ahead.

Step 3: Enjoy the lovely view along the way.

love the open spaces in Australia :)

Step 4: Stop for lunch at the park across from Wonthaggi Hospital.


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