How does one begin a blog post after such a long absence?  Just do it, I guess haha

What started out as just an idea, grew into a plan and soon enough a blog-free January seemed like the right thing to do.  I was starting my new job and I just wanted to rest up as much as possible before I lost my extended holidays for good.  However, if I was being real and honest to myself and to you as readers, one of the main reasons for my extended blog break was I just didn’t enjoy it very much anymore.

Perhaps it was my perfectionist tendencies to labour over each photo and edit and re-edit posts.

Perhaps I cared too much about what people thought of me when they read my blog.

Perhaps it was just the end of a massive year and I just needed time to recharge.

Perhaps it could have been a lot of other things but I recognised that blogging had started to become more of a chore for me and as selfish as it sounds, I wasn’t writing for myself anymore.  If we drill down a bit further, I was letting my blog consume and define me and it wasn’t healthy.

So blogging was left to the side and real life continued.  Adjusting to full-time work has probably been the biggest challenge lately but I am truly blessed to be working with such a great team of people who have been really supportive and helping me settle in.  Yesterday marked my first month with the firm and I can see that I am starting to feel more at home now :).

Working day in, day out has also made me realise that I need to make time to do things for myself.  Catching up with friends over lunch and dinners has been great but being an introvert, it does take a fair bit out of me and with ministry taking up most of the weekend, there’s not much left in the reserves after working from 9am-5:30pm, 5 days a week.

So I guess this is where blogging has its place.  I do miss writing and it’s something that I want to start doing again but with the right motivations.  It does mean that my writing style and frequency may change; change isn’t always a bad thing :).  CNY and eating out in the city in between and after work has also added fuel to the fire so to speak ;). Hope you’ll continue on this journey with me – if not, I wish you well and will keep writing about the things that motivate, excite and inspire me.


♥ Ames