Queen Victoria Night Market – Kransky and Honey Dumplings

Though I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life, I’ve only ever made it down to the Queen Vic Night Market twice, the second time being last Wednesday.  We arrived just a bit before 5:30pm and there was already a crowd building…

We got a table right near the mini stage before we all went to scout out some food.  For me, I was on a mission to try some Germany sausages! My uncle (who is also a bit of a foodie!) had been raving about them for a while so I was determined to find out what they were all about…

I wasn’t sure which to choose so the lady behind the counter suggested the ‘Kransky’.  I added Onions and Cheese for $1 each.

The bread was like a Vietnamese roll which made it a bit crumbly to eat but it was worth it.  The Kransky, which apparently originates from Poland (so says the half-Polish guy sat beside me), was rich in flavour and very different from the humble snags that I’m used to on the Aussie barbie.  Onions were a bit cold so I’d probably skip it when I try a Bratwaurst next time.

I wasn’t quite full yet and was keen for some Dutch Pancakes however, one of the girls highly recommended Honey Dumplings so…

I was recommended to try the Honey Dumplings with chocolate and ice-cream and then requested a sprinkle cinnamon and nuts on top ($7.50).

So what are honey dumplings?  Essentially, they are deep fried balls of doughnut dough dipped in honey and then the topping as described above.  It was YUM!  Lol, there are 5 in a serve but it is incredibly filling so I got some of the guys to share some.  I liked how the chocolate topping froze dry… haven’t had Ice Magic for a long, long time!

As for the rest of the market, most things are overpriced but if you have the time you might find a good bargain.  The atmosphere is great though and of course food a plenty :D.  The Night Market is on for two more Wednesdays (until the end of Feb) for grab a few friends and have a great night out!

In total, I spent $17.00 on food that night and so set aside $8.50 for the Eat Out:Help Out Project.

♥ Ames

Groovin’ twice in a week

It’s rare that I go to a restaurant twice in one week but somehow I ended up at the Groove Lounge for lunch on a Saturday and then was at the Groove Train for dinner the following Wednesday.

The Groove Train has a number of franchises and as I’ve found out, they are all slightly different.

The Groove Lounge, Williamstown

I took the Werribee line for the first time to get down to the Groove Lounge.  I was technically still on the Daniel fast at this time but since Ray was shouting, it was difficult to just still to the greens…(not sure about the prices)

1. Vedura Mista Wood Fired Pizza top left

I thought I would be eating most of this pizza with mushroom, eggplant, roasted capsicum, pumpkin, spinach, onion, mozzarella cheese & Napoli sauce topped with basil pesto but I think they were a bit too generous with the pesto and so I found it a bit oily.  The base was just right for all the pizzas :).

2. Tandoori Chicken Wood Fired Pizza top right

Pretty good though nothing that was particularly memorable.

3. Greek Wood Fired Pizza bottom left

Really enjoyed this pizza as the tzatziki on top was a refreshing contrast to the marinated lamb strips.  Spinach, fetta and the Napoli sauce were good accompaniments.

4. Greek Salad bottom right

Was good to have something else besides pizza lol.

The Groove Train, Melbourne Central

Went for a bit more variety this time with our core team however, now that we were paying for it, we realised how expensive the place is :S.

1. Groove to the Caesar Salad ($18.90) top left

Just a basic caesar salad – I would have liked the egg to have been a bit more runny but still a good side dish to the other mains…

2. Salmone Wood Fired Pizza ($20.90) top right

Smoked salmon, Napoli sauce, Spanish onion, cream cheese & capers = fail-proof combo :).

3. Chicken Calzone ($17.90) bottom left

I liked the presentation though it took me a while to get to the filling…

4. Traditional Fettuccine Carbonara ($18.90) bottom right

Can’t go past a good Carbonara with pan-fried bacon & spring onions, tossed in a creamy egg yolk & parmesan cheese sauce though for the price you pay, it’s not that great money for value.

For our meal at The Groove Train it worked out to be about $15.00 per person and so I put aside $7.50 for the Eat Out: Help Out Project.

See the story behind the Eat Out: Help Out Project here.

I wouldn’t mind going back to The Groove Lounge if it wasn’t so far off but I think in future (unless someone else is shouting!) I won’t be heading on The Groove Train any time soon :P.

♥ Ames