it is finished.

3 years of my breezy Arts.  I loved it but I knew it wasn’t going to be forever.  I paid my dues and moved onto 3 years with my first love (academically speaking), Law.

No doubt it was hard work.  At times, I wanted to give up but by the grace of God, I survived!  I made it! 6 years and finally, it is finished!

And you know what that means???

No more tabbing!!

AND… I’m back into blogging action! ;)

I wish I had an awesome comeback post but to be honest, I feel a bit out of it.  While others are out partying into the wee hours of the next morning, this introvert just needed a bit of time to herself (see Myth #9) .  Time to just unwind, let the reality of no-more-exams-EVER sink in and do NOTHING.

So I guess this is just a post to touch base and say that I’m alive and eager to return to the blog waves after I recharge and in the mean time, I’ll be releasing those guest posts that were promised before I took my leave of absence ;).

Please keep your eyes out for them and support these lovely bloggers who’ve  been so generous and willing to send a post my way!

Be back soon!

♥ Ames

P.S. I just added the DISQUS comment plug-in which has unfortunately, closed comments on past posts :( Does anyone know how to change this?? Or perhaps, what might be a better commenting option? Thanks in advance :)  I would like some help in getting a new commenting plug-in, the current one I use doesn’t timestamp things properly and for some reason when I installed DISQUS it closed all my posts for comment – please let me know if you have other options I can explore :) Thanks!

P.P.S. What do you think of the new layout?? :)

the disappearing act

Sorry for the silence on this end.

Been trying to get things sorted so that I can somehow maintain blogging in the next two months of assessments… it’s not going to happen *sigh*.

Before I make my bi-annual disappearance (the very last one of its kind I hope) I just want to say a special thank you to those bloggers who volunteered to guest post for me – thanks for being so understanding about the postponing of the lovely recipes that you’ve sent over!

To keep a bit of creativity going, I’ve jumped on the #fmsphotoaday challenge on Instagram so you can find me there in the meantime :).

Take care and I’ll see you on the other side!

some pretty spring flowers for you :)

♥ Ames

P.S. Planning a trip to HK and Singapore soon so if anyone has any must-visit locations, please let me know!

Temporary Absence

I don’t know about you, but at the end of a good catch up with a friend, we’ll usually work out when we’ll see each other next.  In the same way, I feel like it’s only manners to say that I really really need to disappear for the next little while (just until 22nd June!) in order to concentrate on my studies… I find it hard to read blog posts without leaving a comment or feeling the need to post myself… I feel it’s like listening to a friend talk and then ignoring them if I don’t… so I guess, it’s adios for now.  You can find me on Instagram (@amyaprilgirl) until then ;).  I’ve hopped onto FatMumSlim’s Photo A Day challenge again so I’m sure that will be enough fun for the time being :D.

1 June - Morning
To the students out there, best wishes for your exams!  Everyone else, take care and stay warm and healthy!  See you in 20 days – yep, counting down already ;).

♥ Ames

You know your concentration is waining

When you spend a good ten minutes on Photo Booth trying to take the perfect photo to show how many exams you have left:

In reality, this was just to show off my amateur-ly (that is so a word!) painted PINK nails… teaching piano means I generally have to keep my nails short and free of nail polish…short: because it makes that awful clicking sound when you play with long nails and plain: nail polish is distracting for both me and the students… pretty pink!

I also got a giggle from how it looks like my fingers will snap up my head like a pair of crocodile jaws…

AH, the pink fingers are eating me!

*sigh* Other than that, I think I’ve just killed a small forest:


I now have firm and personal evidence that ‘Corporations’ are harmful for the environment.

OK, I promise this will be the last post about exams… I have since come to the epiphany that no one really likes to read about exams – students have their own exams to think about and exams are of no relevancy or interest to non-students…hmm.

One week though.   One week and I’ll be down at the beach, enjoying the sun, sand and sea… one more week… keep it up uni students! We can do it! [INSERT NAME] FIGHTING~!

Back to work…

♥ Ames

P.S. As the tweet said, ‘Prepare to smile. BIG.’ –> click here!

P.P.S. For those who’d be interested, the first Global Day Of Worship ever has started streaming!

THL 3: Jelly Bean Love

10. Deactivating FB – curbing procrastination

This was probably the best thing I did for myself during SWOTVAC.  Some people know how to control their use… I’m still struggling learning so let’s just say that procrastination magnifies the addiction.  It’s so easy to live vicariously through other people’s updates that you lose perspective on what’s happening RIGHT NOW in your own life… but of course that just meant I rediscovered Twitter and Tumblr lols I also changed my blog subscriptions settings so that I wouldn’t be getting real-time updates of when people posted however, that wasn’t enough to keep me away from browsing blogs-a-plenty ^^’.  Oh well.

11. Study group sessions: 2,3, 4 heads are always better than one!

I’m so thankful to have people I can nut out hypos and essay topics with :).  I remember it being said once that Law is one of those subjects that cannot or should not be studied in isolation. Word.

12. Submitting my final essay for 2011!

It a bittersweet feeling as it also officially ends my work for PILCH, an amazing not-for-profit organisation that I’ve been interning with since the start of the year.  It’s been such a privilege to work with people who are committed to helping the less fortunate and making a real difference in our community.  They also saved me from the disillusionment I got from law school halfway through last year but that’s a story for another time.

13. Finishing my first of three exams – The end is in sight!

PtL!  I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders… two more til freedom!

14. Living at home – all pros in my mind

  • no rent or bills to pay
  • home-cooked meals that you don’t always cook yourself
  • more hands to help with pegging up clothes to dry
  • awesome company everyday of the year

Yep, sorry Mum and Dad.  I won’t be leaving for a while! (not that you’d let me LOL)

15. – where have you been all my law school life??  

It’s always comforting to know you aren’t the only one walking this challenging road.  And to laugh at the all-too-familiar situations law students find themselves in…

16. Jelly Bean Love:

See behind the scenes here.

♥ Ames

THL 2: Momentum

A short post to say that as of 3:34am, Wednesday 2nd November 2011…. I HAVE FINISHED MY ESSAY!!!

I am all of THL right now:

Thankful that it is over.  Happy that it is over.  Laughing that it FINALLY over!

Not that it was a horrid essay topic to write on… I actually really enjoyed researching for it, am quite happy with the end result (albeit there is a truckload of referencing and editing left to do… in the morning after sleep) and even came up with a funky title:

Exchanging Assets for Care: The ‘New’ Family Affair

Like my rhyme?  Isn’t that just grand? Haha, I may not think that in the morning but whatev’s I say ;).

The only issue I have with writing essays is that they are often so difficult to start.  I attribute it to the ‘Law of Momentum’ or as leadership coach/author, John C. Maxwell calls it, ‘The Big Mo’ (see 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)… I haven’t had much of a chance (yet) to read up on The Big Mo (reminds me of Movember) but as I powered through 1,500 words tonight/last night/this morning/gah, all I could think was, “I’ve got momentum, baby and I’m lovin’ it!”

Time for a bit of sleep…

♥ Ames


And just like that,

2nd year of law is finished!  It feels very surreal – at the start of the semester we were at the half way point of our degree and suddenly, we are now 2/3 of the way through… well, officially in three weeks after these ‘dratted’ exams (hehe, as a tribute to our amusing and highly intelligent Corps teacher).

Lots of pictures taken in the past week but no time or desire to edit them at the moment… I think I’m at the stage where I’ve realised how little time there is left to cram study and study I must… so maybe just one lol.

Earrings my dad brought back for me :)

Best wishes, uni students!  Almost there!

♥ Ames

The inevitable hiatus announcement

Yep, it’s that time of the year again.  This is the official notice that I’ll be MIA for the next 5 weeks on account of the only downside of still being a uni student… exams, of course.

Though having said that, this blog was birthed during the last SWOTVAC period (has it been that long already?) so I guess it’s possible that I’ll be lurking around these parts… but hopefully not procrastinating so much that I’ll be writing anything substantial.

There is happy news though, blog-o-sphere as the wait is finally over AND I know what I’ll be doing next summer and winter if you get my drift ;).  PtL and thank you for those who have sent up prayers on my behalf because I know that the return rate for application-interview-offer was against me so I’m astounded with the favourable results!  By the grace of God is all I can say.  I’ve signed my first work contract and am waiting on the rest to come through this week :).

We celebrated over dinner:

The top two are favourites from Kambo and mum whipped together some pork mince and spinach… delicious!

Posts to come after exams:

Sam’s 20th birthday dinner (seriously can’t believe we’ve made it to twenty years!) and…

A lovely belated Saturday morning breakfast with Ms. MoreBlindDates (isn’t the colour of that beetroot feta just gorgeous?) where she gave me the courage to make a very tough decision (more on that later).  Can you guess where we ate?  No ideas?  Find out after my exams haha.  You can check out my first and last foodie outing with Ms. MoreBlindDates here ;).

Best wishes to all uni students for the upcoming exams!!  Stay positive and smile, the end is in sight :).

Catch you on the flip side!

♥ Ames