Photography: Candlelight

Hi everyone!  Hope you’ve had a lovely week :)

I’m at Changi airport killing some time before my next fight and so made a beeline for the ‘Free Internet Access’ kiosk hehe 

Since my time is limited, I hope you’ll understand that I’ll get around to responding to the comments on the last post when I’m back in Melbourne but for the time being, I’ll share some photos that I got prepared before I left :) Enjoy!


A month or two ago, we experienced a blackout on our street.  At first, it was a bit annoying but then I realised that I had the perfect excuse to take a study break (hehe!) AND also take advantage of a rare opportunity to snaps some photos of candlelight :).

There’s just something that is mesmerising about watching the flickering flames…

Much love,


Question: I know the numbering is a bit out of order, but which photo do you like? :)