Father’s Day lunch at St Katherine’s, Kew

We interrupt our usual blogging cycle for a very special post to celebrate Father’s Day! 

*blow whistles, throw streamers and confetti*

For our international visitors: Yes, we Aussies celebrate Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September – the way it has always been ;).

Last Father’s Day post: a lesson from my dad

As Father’s Day weekend is usually quite busy for our family (yes, this has been published by the wonders of scheduled posting), I decided to take my Dad out for lunch last Friday :).  My mum had recently had the Express Lunch option at St Katherine’s with her work mates and loved it and since my mum is not much of the foodie, I knew I had to pay attention.

Loved the patterned shadows that the sunshine created :)

Parking is a bit tricky along Cotham Road so I’d strongly suggest that give yourself plenty of time to try the side streets for parking.  Thankfully, we were early and had a space waiting for us to occupy (blessing from Heaven!) so we pushed on passed the heavy doorway exactly on time for our 12pm booking.

Very spacious with high ceilings…

We were the first customers in the door but once we were ushered to our seats, it was only in a matter of minutes that the place started to pack out!

Liked the green tin that the cutlery was kept in ^^
Love the colour scheme that carried throughout the rest of the restaurant as well…

We were given the drinks menu to peruse and since it was a special occasion, I decided to try the More than a Shirley Temple Mocktail ($7.00):

It was a mix of pomegranate juice, raspberry syrup, lime juice, ginger beer which was quite a refreshing combination.  It was just right in terms of sweetness but I felt like it had too much ice!  I suggested to my dad that he should try the apple cider which was a mistake on my part – I should have looked closer since I didn’t realised it had alcohol (which my dad doesn’t drink at all!).  Poor dad was worried that he shouldn’t be driving afterwards and so a significant amount of our lunch conversation involved a discussion of standard drinks and alcohol driving limits lol!  *sigh* A lunch to remember and not just for the food, I guess? :)

We had already informed the staff that we were after the Express Lunch so it came soon after our drinks arrived:

For those who aren’t aware, an “Express Lunch” is a 2 course set that gives you a quick taste of what St Kat’s has to offer.  It changes from day to day (or perhaps week to week… not sure) so you just get whatever the cook cooks :).  That day, for starters we had a spinach cheese dip, smoked eggplant salad, lamb pide and haloumi deep fried balls (lol can’t remember the exact name! – anyone know?) with a bag of toasted Turkish bread.  The lamb pide was alright – a bit spicy but nothing that flash I’m afraid.  I did enjoy the smokey flavour of the eggplant and I like eggplant in general so that was a winner for me.

Yup, I LOVED THESE BALLS :D  Well, I only had the one but I loved the texture of it and the saltiness of the cheese mixed with the rice and herbs… yum!

The Turkish bread was also a favourite of mine!  I don’t think I’ve ever had such good Turkish bread before!  It was lightly sprinkled with salt and brushed with butter I think and because it was kept warm in the paper bag, it was just a delight to spread with the spinach cheese dip :).  So good that we asked for another bag later in the meal to munch on hehe.

Once we’d finished with the first course, it wasn’t long before they brought out our next set of dishes to try…

At first, my dad who is used to Asian dishes piled up with food was like, “This is it?”  Haha, but though it looks kind of small portion-wise, it was very filling and we were quite satisfied by the end of this course (the extra bag of Turkish bread probably helped!).

First up, I tried the rice pilaf with mushrooms, tarragon and hazelnuts.  Was very light and with enough flavour that you could eat it on its own, but it wasn’t so overpowering so that it was also a nice accompaniment for the other two dishes.

Next was the grilled chicken carved out from the rotisserie that was dressed with yoghurt (I believe… I really should have taken notes!) which I quite enjoyed as well.  Nice with the squeeze of lemon :).

my dad had already taken his piece before I got a chance to snap a photo…

The salmon was cooked perfectly and the skin was crispy.  Couldn’t fault it.  Loved it :).

Overall, a lovely dining experience.  The staff were very attentive and professional (as you would expect from a George Calombaris and Shane Delia restaurant.  Bookings are a must to avoid disappointment during the lunch hour as it fills out very, very quickly!

And for $19.50 per head, the Express Lunch is well worth the visit!  More importantly, I got to spend the lunch with my mentor, my coach, my friend, my godly counsel, my fellow foodie, my dad :).

Happy Father’s Day, Dad :)

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Question time: What’s a fond memory that you have of your father/grandfather/father figure?

Have a great week, people!

♥ Ames