The inevitable hiatus announcement

Yep, it’s that time of the year again.  This is the official notice that I’ll be MIA for the next 5 weeks on account of the only downside of still being a uni student… exams, of course.

Though having said that, this blog was birthed during the last SWOTVAC period (has it been that long already?) so I guess it’s possible that I’ll be lurking around these parts… but hopefully not procrastinating so much that I’ll be writing anything substantial.

There is happy news though, blog-o-sphere as the wait is finally over AND I know what I’ll be doing next summer and winter if you get my drift ;).  PtL and thank you for those who have sent up prayers on my behalf because I know that the return rate for application-interview-offer was against me so I’m astounded with the favourable results!  By the grace of God is all I can say.  I’ve signed my first work contract and am waiting on the rest to come through this week :).

We celebrated over dinner:

The top two are favourites from Kambo and mum whipped together some pork mince and spinach… delicious!

Posts to come after exams:

Sam’s 20th birthday dinner (seriously can’t believe we’ve made it to twenty years!) and…

A lovely belated Saturday morning breakfast with Ms. MoreBlindDates (isn’t the colour of that beetroot feta just gorgeous?) where she gave me the courage to make a very tough decision (more on that later).  Can you guess where we ate?  No ideas?  Find out after my exams haha.  You can check out my first and last foodie outing with Ms. MoreBlindDates here ;).

Best wishes to all uni students for the upcoming exams!!  Stay positive and smile, the end is in sight :).

Catch you on the flip side!

♥ Ames

teaching blood

I can officially say, 1 down and 2 more to go now :D.

I learnt a number of valuable lessons yesterday after only 3 hours of sleep (or maybe because of only 3 hours of sleep):

  1. 1L Milk costs $2.60 at the local milk bar
  2. A bit of preparation really does make all the difference when it comes to teaching (I know – revelation of the century right?)
  3. How to stay calm in high pressure situations
  4. Always leave a Yellow Pages in your garage
  5. Never leave the house without your phone or driver’s license
  6. Somehow my parents always seem to end up being right (it’s a reality I can’t deny anymore!)
  7. It costs $125 to….