The view around Warran Glen, Warrandyte

It’s been a busy week but what else is new?  Sometimes, I wonder if life will ever slow down but as was the message this weekend, “It’s all about enjoying the trip because in actuality the destination is a moving target.   You think that when I get to this stage, then I’ll be happy.  Or you think that when I’ll be less busy, then I’ll have time to do what’s really important.  But really when we get there, there is always something else. So just enjoy the journey.  The road trip is part of the fun of it :).”  Selah.

Anyhow, as mentioned on the sidebar –> I’ve decided to try a new routine of:

  1. Review
  2. Recipe
  3. Photography

We’re onto the photography run of this blogging wheel so here is Part 2 of my ode to Warran Glen (see Part 1 here), that lovely place down in Warrandyte :).

I took way too many photos and had to cut many out of this set, so I decided to go with the Gallery format again.  It put me in a good mood when I reviewed them before so hope they bring a smile to your face too :).

Hope you had a lovely weekend and have a great start to a new week :).

♥ Ames

Breakfast at Warran Glen Café, Warrandyte

On the eve before my final uni semester begins, I’m left wondering: WHERE DID MY HOLIDAYS GO???

I don’t know about you but I always write a post-exam to-do list (usually during the exam period) and as usual, I hardly got through half of it!  I did start well though, with a lovely Saturday breakfast with a dear friend (“R”) the day after my last paper for the semester was submitted.

Being the self-confessed foodie amongst my friends, I’m usually left with the task of selecting a place to dine at for our catch ups, however, R has a number of allergies so I let her choose a place where she knew she could get food to meet her dietary requirements.  Sometimes it’s good to leave the decision to someone else… you might be pleasantly surprised :).

From the moment we drove into the carpark, the Warrandyte establishment, Warran Glen had my attention.  Firstly, it didn’t look like a restaurant or a café!  R explained that we had to walk through the store and the nursery to get to our breakfast spot.  As we had a number of things to sit down and discuss (logistics and catering for an event we were organising), the consensus was that we’d grab a bite before we take a proper tour of the grounds.  I couldn’t resist snapping this on the way though:


Once we made it over the bridge to the café, we passed some pretty glassware…

The open kitchen…

To arrive at the outdoor seating area that I fell in love with at first sight.

As an aside, we both agreed that this would be a perfect place for an engagement celebration hehe.  We’ll see who get’s to book it first ;).

Anyhow, as we were there quite early (~9:30am), we got the chance to choose a spot near the heater and one of the many owls on display:

hello owl!

After an unexpected early-graduation/post-exam pressie…

love the simplicity of the wrapping ^^

We finally got around to ordering our food!  (I know some of you are thinking, FINALLY!)

Note: You place your orders at the counter and water bottles can be retrieved at the entrance of the outdoor seating area.

I started off with a lovely spiced chai latte ($4.80) while R went a pot of hot water ($1.00).

R went with the Savoury French Toast ($15.90) with gluten-free bread ($1.00 extra).

This is one of R’s favourites and was good as she remembered it.  Crispy bacon, lightly grilled banana over French Toast cooked to perfection and drizzled with maple syrup… how could one go wrong with this combination?

I was feeling in a rather celebratory mood after exams so after perusing the menu, I thought I’d just treat myself to poached eggs with the lot ($19.90)!

And there was definitely a lot on the plate!  All the vegies were adequately seasoned and I particularly liked the hash browns that still had nice chunks of potato to bite into.  Sourdough bread was also a great accompaniment to soak up the yolk from those perfectly poached eggs…

Is a breakfast post complete with a bit of #eggyolkporn?

Since we were there for over 2 hours, we were able to see the place fill up quite quickly on that Saturday morning.  R’s advice is that if you are after a table on the weekends, bookings are a must!

Aside from their hot breakfast menu, they also have a selection of made-fresh-on-the-day foccacias, pies, quiches etc. and some cakes and muffins that I could have easily order had I not had the lot!

I did think that the food was slightly on the pricey side, but when you add it together with the beautiful location, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Warran Glen Cafe on Urbanspoon

I think I’ll put the photos of the surroundings, the attached nursery and store in another post since there are already 15+ here haha.  Stay tuned for the next instalment ;).

Question: When and how were you last pleasantly surprised? :)

♥ Ames