Winter Rebel and the hidden meaning of Ames

Hey August, nice to see you again!  It’s been a while hasn’t it? :D  I don’t remember you ever being this warm… especially not within the first few days!  

With the warmest start to August we’ve had in a long long time in Melb (I’ll try not to think too much of how this is probably all due to global warming), I couldn’t help but feel a tad rebellious (which probably betrays my upbringing haha) when I started the week by walking out the door in sandals, a tee and a skirt sans tights (scandalous, right?):

sunshine-deprived feet waiting at the bus stop

Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun – oh, how I love you! *happy sigh* And if I could walk around in sandals each and everyday I would be so content :).

Things are bubbling away and there’s so much I wish I had time to write about but there is one thing that I have to acknowledge: the hidden meaning of Ames.  Not this Ames though, but Ames over at My Infernal Journal.  She’s full of  ‘AwesoMenEsS‘ because not only is she ridiculously creative with her words and story-telling, she’s a beautiful person inside and out AND she gives away awesome prizes!! Remember how I won my first ever blog competition?  A package was waiting for me at the door this week… I couldn’t contain my excitement when I found out it was all the way from the US and opened it… *drum roll* Continue reading “Winter Rebel and the hidden meaning of Ames”