Belated Birth-Month Results

Oh wow, it’s already been 2 months since I last blogged… I was trying to keep to at least one post a month but the last month has been a a bit of a blur.

Work has settled down and there has been a bit of movement around the traps…

Here are a few things that have happened since my last post:

  • a birthday degustation (photo above)
  • a house warming
  • meeting of old friends who introduce us to new friends
  • a dinner of homemade chicken rice
  • three Pray, Love, Care nights
  • my work stamp arrived
  • Mother’s Day
  • Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in Eastland Hoyts’ reclining chairs
  • more pilates
  • May birthday celebrations
  • 19th and 20th month mini milestones
  • first Arab wedding (lots of dancing)
  • $1 oysters
  • lots of house inspections
  • Sound of Music Musical
  • Singing in the Rain Musical
  • a bon voyage for a dear sister in Christ
  • lots of brush pen calligraphy
  • a dancing date
  • food coma from Red Spice Road
  • hot pot nights
  • a baby shower

One significant event was also the end of the Birth-Month and there was a pretty awesome result thanks to the following people:

1. Anon
2. Stephen C
3. Teresa T
4. Anon
5. Anon
6. Anon
7. Leanne L
8. Ada Y
9. Andy M
10. Ken J
11. Jessie L
12. Anon
13. Lisa D
14. Yen T
15. Ann V
TOTAL OF WEEK 1 & 2 $2,990
16. Aaron C
17. Jay R
18. Anon
19. Ken K
20. Sandra D
21. Anh L
22. Tuyen Thi N
23. Anon
24. Anon
25. Anon
TOTAL OF WEEK 3 & 4 $1,010

If you can do the maths, that’s a total of $4,000 raised for the Birth-Month Campaign to build up the VHAN Hope and Opportunity Trust Fund (more info on the campaign here).

Thank you to everyone who contributed financially and have also offered to give of their time or connections to keep things moving along.

With the end of June, you also have 2 more days to still make a tax deductible donation in this financial year :) Hope you can help me reach this last sprint to the $5,000 overall target.

Shall blog more soon x




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