say what??

At the moment my face looks like this:

‘Why Ames?’

Just take a look on this page and this page and see if you can work it out… my face is still very much stuck in that position right now… WHOA and PtL!!!

In other but related news, I think the nervous energy before RunMelbourne (which caused me to wake up at 6am on the day) has reset my body clock…I’ve generally always been a bit of a morning person (the kind that’s up before the sun) but since Winter set in, I’ve been more inclined to sleep those few extra moments that can be spared = being late to work all of last week.  Post-RunMelbourne though, I’ve been there mostly before or at least close to 9am nearly everyday! Woot!  However, I’ve also been staying up pretty late as well (hence this late night show!) so I’m not exactly sure how that works… hmmm.  Oh well, it’ll put me in good stead when uni starts again next week…ah, uni.   The holiday has really just flown past! But having said that, I look back on the last 5 weeks and I can honestly say it has been one productive and replenishing break from studying (well, full-time studying since I did do a Winter subject somewhere in there lols).

On the other hand, working the last 9 consecutive weekdays has once again helped me appreciate the uni student lifestyle and it’s been a reminder to really make the most of it while I can.  Hence, after some insightful discussion and prayer, I made the decision to drop one of my subjects this semester.  Did the calculations and the results were that 4 subjects + 1 internship paper + applying for clerkships may not be as sustainable or achievable (let alone mentally healthy) as I had first thought.  Plus I do want to have some sort of life as well :P.

I’m not really sure where this blog post is going so I’ll throw in a photo or two (this seems to be my default when I don’t know how to keep a post from becoming a train wreak!):

‘…errr, why do you have a photos of nails?’

Good question :P.  Having played piano from a very young age, I’ve always kept my nails short to prevent the clicking sound you hear when students don’t cut their nails! SO, when there is a window of opportunity i.e. I’m on holidays from teaching and I’m not scheduled to play piano anywhere, I let them grow… and grow… and grow… until they get annoying.  After a while, things get stuck under your nails, you get them caught in things, you unintentionally scratch yourself etc.  I did try to see how long I could grow them out to but sadly the kiddies are back to school this week hence back to piano teaching hence chop chop chop!

RAMEN!! After Ms I-Hua put the idea of ramen in my head, I had to go and hunt down a bowl of the yummy goodness… thankfully, I had a date with the NaiveChild the next day and since she is a big ramen fan herself, no complaints when I suggested Ramen Ya for lunch ^^.  I should do a separate review of the place some time (when I find the time lol!).

Speaking of food (how can a post go without another mention of food??), our work team went to China Red today (my first time there!).  Food was served quickly and it wasn’t bad in terms of taste BUT the big let down was the fact that our touch screen wasn’t working, service was a bit, for lack of a better word, ‘crappy’ and it was a bit on the expensive side… there are many other dumpling places that can do much better, at least on the price.  I sadly didn’t anticipate that we would be coming here so was camera-less and I was also a bit too shy to ask if I could snap pics on my iPhone ^^’.

Anyways, I think that fills out my word quota for the day… another long day on the other side of sleep! Ciao xo

♥ Ames

P.S. Please go to Blogger Idol and vote for my blog buddy, Chess who just got into the competition as a wildcard! Go Chess!!  Behind you 110% :D.


Just went to take in the mail and look what I found:

From NEW YORK, people!!! This is one of the reasons why I have come to love blogging so much… you get to ‘meet’ awesome people like Miss Chess! So glad that the birthday card brightened your day and thank you so much for your card which has in turn brightened the start of a stressful week for me… THANK YOU!! Hope your post-graduation adventures have continued being awesome :).

FWIW: Snail mail is the best :D.

♥ Ames