snaps along a street in St Kilda

Melbourne weather got the better of me on the weekend.  The sun was up and shining, the sky was clear and blue… surely running 5 kms in a t-shirt and shorts would come to no harm…?


Coughing, Sneezing, Head-aching… now’s not a good time to be sick, body!

Sorry for the lack of posts around here… The winter subject has been cutting into my blogging habits and social life *sigh*

Perhaps I can distract you with a few photos I took when I attended that photography class around St Kilda a few weeks back (no post-production except the watermark):

♥ Ames

*edit to the original title because ‘strip’ just didn’t seem to sit right in my mind lol.

Review: Batch, St Kilda

Before the photography class at Obscura Gallery, I had about 40 mins for a late lunch in the area and being the wannabe foodie I am, I had GoogleMapped the suburb and made a beeline for a little cafe nearby called Batch (Espresso).  I rarely go out to eat on a Sunday afternoon (it’s usually a family affair) so I don’t know if the busy-ness of Batch was what you would normally expect.  It felt like a lot of the other hipster-type cafes that are around Melbourne but it had a more homely atmosphere with a few dads grabbing a coffee and reading the paper with their kids in tow.

interesting bit of interior design

Given that the staff were so busy, I was left standing at the door, unsure if I should just grab myself a table or wait to be directed.  After a few moments, I went to the counter and asked for the menu ha.  Before I took a seat, I was told that their corn fritters and fish curry was sold out.

Being alone and not yet confident to whip out the DSLR, I mainly just observed with my eyes :P.  So besides their breakfast all-day menu, they have freshly baked bread from Bakery Lievito (I assume a local bakery – $6 per loaf) plus their own blend of coffee.  Being close to 2 in the afternoon, I thought it was probably wise to stay away from the caffeine… Continue reading “Review: Batch, St Kilda”