Challenging and rewarding

So who else thought September was a busy month??

Somehow once you pass July, the days just excelerate and we find ourselves already counting down the days to Christmas (75 days as of today) and then it will be New Years soon after and in February 2014 (if there are no hiccups), guess who will be admitted as a lawyer in Victoria?? ;)

I know it’s a bit premature to be saying this given that there are still 3 months to go, but I think 2013 has been both the most challenging and most rewarding year I’ve had so far.

There’s nothing quite like saying good bye to exams for good (at least for the next little while) and starting a new chapter of life. My body has adjusted to the 9-5:30 rhythm but getting the right balance of work/rest/play is something that has to be evaluated on a regular basis.

However, one of the challenges I’ve met this year has actually occurred outside of the workplace. Continue reading “Challenging and rewarding”