what you find when you clean…

With the onslaught of social activities in December, we began undergoing a big cleanup of our house last month which has continued into the new year.  I found a few items that caught my eye:

A page from my prep report!
sticker earrings from my childhood :)
an old oroton wallet

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2011 was the year…

I don’t know about you guys, but 2011 has been a year of lots of changes and personal growth. I think the most important lesson I’ve learnt this year is to let go of things I have no need for (more of that in a later post). On a more light-hearted note, 2011 was the year (in no particular order) I…

  • made cappuccino my default caffeinated drink (I think I will graduate to the skinny latte in 2012)
  • tried chai latte for the first time and liked it ;)
  • began to eat wasabi with my sushi
  • visited Perth for the first time
  • had my best semester in law school :D
  • got my hair permed… twice!
  • started working full-time hours for the first time and will make the most of my last year as a student!

As for 2012 resolutions, I’ll elaborate on them once I’ve worked out what I’m resolving to do haha!

For now, this sounds pretty good:

Happy New Year’s Eve, blogosphere! See you next year ;). The best is yet to come!

♥ Ames